Thursday, 20 October 2016

No one reads this so I feel I can write on here because although I use social media a lot there are some things I'm not comfortable sharing on there and this is something I'd rather keep to myself, but also need to let out if you get me? Today I began claiming universal credit. It's the lowest point of my life so far. Utterly demoralising and embarrassing. I studied my arse off for three years at a top uni so I could get a decent job and yet here I am claiming benefits. My experience at the job centre today wasn't awful, both people I saw were nice but I think that's just because it was my first time. I have to attend weekly appointments and spend 35 hours a week searching for jobs otherwise I get sanctioned. 35 FUCKING HOURS? Trawling jobsites and handing out CVs. What a joke. I've gotten a lot more moderate in my politics lately but today reminded me why I fucking hate Tories with a passion. I don't get any payment for six weeks and although that's shit I'm lucky I don't have to care for anyone and I'm living at home rent free because can you imagine if you had rent and kids? Fucking awful, I'm tearing up just writing this. If Iain Duncan Smith was on fire I wouldn't spit on him. I'll update you more when I have my next appointment. All the love guys, don't vote Tory. Xx

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