Monday, 30 March 2015

Hello again all. Hope you are all well. I'm good, I took a walk down to the beach today and sat and had a smoke on the pier. I genuinely felt so content, the fresh sea air did me good. I haven't done much else. I'm planning to just have a super chilled week and possibjy start my essay just so there's no rush this time. On Friday I'm going to go over Jo's house and catch up with my friends. I'm looking forward to it, it will be nice to catch up with everyone and hear everyone's news. In other news the general election campaign started today. I've always been political but living in Surrey has just enhanced my incredibly left wing principles. I don't want to bang on about politics and I certainly won't tell you who to vote for but I will urge you to vote because in a time when out NHS is under threat, 900,000 people have been using food banks and millionaires are getting tax cuts (you can probably tell I'm not fond of the coalition) it's important that we stand up and let our voices be heard. After writing that sentence I retract my earlier statement of not telling you who to vote for, please please vote Labour, the thought of another give years of the Eton elite makes me feel sick. Labour are in no way perfect and have strayed far from their socialist roots but in reality they are the only other option and they're the best ones for the job at the moment. Red Ed forever ❤ don't believe the Murdoch press propaganda. People will say what about the greens and to that I say don't waste your vote. Peace out guys. Alika x

P.s. I said in my last post that I'd probably talk about this guy that keeps popping up but he is no longer relevant. I'm not 16 anymore, I haven't got the energy for games and I certainly haven't got the energy to dedicate a whole post to this dickhead at quarter past four in the morning. X

Monday, 23 March 2015

Also I've been binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it's so hilarious everyone should watch it. It's so feminist and cute and funny, just watch. I've been getting into feminism a lot more lately. I'm too tired to expand on this at the moment but I will do soon. Peace Out x
I always keep coming back to this when I can't sleep so I think I'll be posting pretty regularly over the next few months. I am feeling a little upset today, I ran for the radio board and I majorly fucked up my speech and didn't get it and that's fine but it's ok to be disappointed. Anyway everything is all good other than that. Uni is better than it was the last time I posted. I did well in a presentation and it gave me the boost I needed as I'm averaging a low 2:2 at the moment so it was nice to hear. My love life is as dull as ever, there is this one boy that keeps coming and going and I can't stand it. I liked him for a long time and it was ok because I liked him from a distance and knew it would never go anywhere but I saw him out a couple of times in the summer and he keeps talking to me ever since and that's weird like don't do that I don't like it. I prefered it when there was no contact, that was better because it was just a soft spot for him but now there are so many questions flying around my head. And then after HE initiates the conversation he suddenly stops for a while and then comes back it's so annoying. My friends are all good. I'm moving in with three of the most beautiful people I've ever met next year and I can't wait. I live with one this year and can't wait to live with the other two. Bar the girl I'm living with next year and another one who is lovely, I'm not overly fond of any of my other current flatmates so I cannot wait to move out. One of them I can deal with but the other one is a snake who steals my things. I go home on Friday, I can't wait. I'll be home for a month and it'll be amazing. But that's about it in regards to my life. Peace Out x