Sunday, 3 November 2013

Look at how beautiful my uni is. Prettiest campus in Britain by a mile, and I love it so much. This is the view from my window, I actually live in this building, fucking amazing. Miss my family and my friends a lot though but RoHo is literally perfect.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

I can drive and I'm officially going to university in Surrey to study theatre, life is good but I'm lonely and I smoke too much.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Today all I could think about was Dan and Blair, I don't know why, I hate Gossip Girl now since they created a completely unbelievable fucked up situation ending but whatever so I decided I would come on here and look at the post I wrote about them when I was obsessed and then I thought I'd just write a post as it's been a while. I've posted twice since I started St. David's nearly two years ago, which is quite sad actually. I'm almost finished college now and I'm kind of upset with how a lot of it has gone, I reckon things could've panned out so differently for me these two years but it's over now and in September I'm moving to Surrey which should be fun although I will miss Cardiff so fucking much.

So these past ten days my mum and my brother went on a Sunny holiday to Portugal and I couldn't go because I was being assessed on my final play in college, which at first I thought was so horrendous and shit but it went so AMAZINGLY well in the end I am so so so so proud of everyone involved and I'm so sad it's over, this cast will forever hold a special place in my heart the little cuties, and I had a whole ten days to myself and it was great but I don't really like being alone with my thoughts because I tend to overthink everything which is shit but hey ho. The weather has been lovely though and I did have a few nice days, especially the Friday when I went to see the visit it was just a really nice day being with all my friends at lunch was gorgeous I love my darlings. I also finally paid off Zante, I didn't really want to go these past few months as it's drained me of all my money and shit and I wanted to go to Paris and a festival instead but now I'm so excited. Yeah that's about it, mwah x