Friday, 11 March 2011

i'm not a religious person, i never have been, and i highly doubt i ever will be, but today something absolutely devastating happened, there was a huge earthquake in japan, which caused a tsunami, and now the whole pacific ocean is at risk, its absolutely devastating, so i think that no matter what we believe we should all pray and think for japan, because right now, what they need, apart from aid and help, more than anything, is for people to keep the faith!

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Saturday, 26 February 2011



dair ftw.

as i'm sure all my friends will tell you, i am probably one of the biggest gossip girl fans there is, ever. i love it, i talk about it constantly, and i never go out, if i know i won't get back in time to watch it, that's how addicted to it i am, it is the best television show ever, i would chose it over glee and 90210 in an instant, and i love those two a lot also. since season one, the very episode shown in the picture above, i have been a dair fan, dan and blair forever, i can remember this episode so well, blair gets kicked out of the photo shoot and dan goes to comfort her, it was most probably one of the best episodes of gossip girl there has been, because of that reason alone. through the rest of season one, season two and season three i was waiting for dair, it never happened though, it was always chuck and blair, chair, eurgh that's such a fail, and dan and serena, again another fail. but in season 4, its coming, dair is coming, and i have never been happier. before the mid season break there were hints that a dair romance could be on the cards, they travelled together in a car, they washed up together and they teamed up to take juliet down. for you reading this who think that that doesn't sound like a big deal, then you are sadly mistaken, you see blair and dan are complete polar opposites, she's a socialite, a little upper east side rich girl, and dan is a writer from brooklyn, they would not mix if it wasn't for serena, so i guess i have to thank her for that. but dair are the best television couple ever, even better than naley, one tree hill, they are so good together, i have had so many disagreements with people about them cos everyone else is a chair fan, i don't know why though. so yeah just thought i'd share my love of dair with you, here are some pictures. the bottom one is the best because he's going for a kiss, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair and Dan Photo

Penn and leighton - dan-and-blair photo

Dan and Blair - dan-and-blair photo

Monday, 21 February 2011

words of wisdom
this looks so fun, i would love to try it, i wish we had play parks like that over here, the best we have in cardiff is like a huge slide in roath park, that's it!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


the 1940's fashion is love, can't say i would've liked to live in the 1940's because of the war and the rations but the fashion and music are just woah!

Friday, 18 February 2011

i'd really like to learn the banjo, it's something different to the old guitar stuff, i think i'll get my dad to teach me, he can play it really well, he's such a talented musician!
alika is a happy bunny today :) king's speech and never say never 3d woo. i know that if you're reading my blog or have been reading it, i don't really come across as a justin bieber pop type fan but i quite like the guy, his acoustic stuff is really good and he's come from nothing to such a high level of fame and i respect that. i thought i'd post this photo of myself cos i quite like it, and i usually hate photo's of myself as i'm possibly the most un photogenic person ever, but i have such a nice camera i should probably start taking more of myself! anyway that's it for today and i've never written about my life before so here's just a little snippet

future reviews
-adele's new album 21
-the king's speech
-before i die (when i finally finish it)
-boy's don't cry

Friday, 4 February 2011

melody gardot is a beauty!

i've never done a music review before and to be quite honest i don't know any musical terms or anything so i cant talk about that but i know what sounds good to me and personally i think that's what really matters, and again i apologize in advance if this review is really bad but here goes.
recently whilst i was spotifying i came across melody gardot, and her voice is possibly one of the most beautiful i've ever heard, literally, and josey if your reading this, check her out, i think you'd really like her! anyway her voice is reminiscent of billie holiday's and all the old jazz singers, the kind of music that i like, a sort of incredible husky tone to it. i could just imagine listening to her on a parisian apartment, cigarette in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, in a man's shirt dancing around slowly and softly. her voice just gives me shivers, literally its just like woah! personally my favourite track has to be 'sweet memory' off her debut album 'worrisome heart' it's just got so much feeling and it's so melodic, i love it so much. having said that, i could listen to any of her songs and be contented and happy. melody really deserves some recognition because her instrument really is that good, however i think her voice is possibly out of place in our modern pop orientated industry and if she was introduced into mainstream charts she wouldn't make it very far because people just don't seem to appreciate beautiful music these days (lol i'm talking like i'm about 50) so maybe it's better for her if she stayed sort of undercover playing little gigs in jazz clubs in new jersey, new york and paris because she wouldn't face disappointment, where people with real taste would actually appreciate her vocal beauty, because she has already overcome many hurdles in her life, she was bed bound for a year after being hit by a jeep in 2003 at the age of 18 and suffered severe injuries! melody gardot may not be to everyone's taste, but anyone who says her voice isn't gorgeous is a complete fool, even if you are a chav into some chavvy shit music, you should be able to understand the pure artistry of her!
you know you love me, xoxo

Thursday, 3 February 2011

girl power

i love that photo, reminds me of my childhood, and the 60's and 70's, decade's which i cruelly missed out on, but all the fashion is coming back in, but i'll blog about that some other time :) yeah this post is about girl power? what the hell happened guys? we all just turn on each other and bitch and i'm not saying that i don't because i do but it's just like why don't we have a go at the guys for a change, they always seem to do things wrong but never get the blame, and that's not meant in a sexist way at all, its just like i'm sick of them getting away with things all the time, so all i'm saying in this post girls is GIRL POWER FTW!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

combined mixture of emotions.

well like i said in my first post this blog shan't contain any bitchiness unless someone majorly pisses me off, and i might just write about my day on the odd occasion, specifically if i'm extremely happy or sad or a combined mixture of all the emotions :)


hey! sorry i haven't posted since january the 1st, i've had mock exams and a real science gcse module but i've been meaning to update for ages, well i shall make it up by posting lots tonight xxx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

brand new year, brand new blog

well seeing as its a brand new year i thought i'd make a new blog. this blog is not going to be a blog where i bitch or moan or complain (unless someone majorly pisses me off) it's going to be a blog with music, fashion, news and reviews about anything! enjoy and follow!

alika xx